WatermasterThe Watermaster is the most advanced machine of its type. Employing a unique and patented bucket/pumping combination, it achieves optimum perfomance in a wide variety of hydrotechnical works. As it works on water, the Watermaster causes no damage to banks and, thanks to its unique bucket/pumping design, causes little turbidity in surrounding water.

Watermaster is ideally suited to a broad range of tasks in the field of water-environment conservation and protection, including:


  • Restoration of eutrophic rivers and lakes
  • Landscaping
  • Flood control, etc.


In construction, it is exellent for

  • Pipe and cable laying
  • Management of industrial water areas and reservoirs
  • Special civil-engineering water projects


In teh development of water areas for recreational use, the Watermaster excels in

  • Construction of boating routes and marinas
  • Rehabilitation of bathing beaches
  • Improvements of shorelines and river banks etc.