Virtsu Harbour - 58° 34,3´ N 23° 30,42´ E


Virtsu Harbour’s principal task is to receive and service liners. The importance as a cargo harbour has increased. The exportation of stone chips and limestone-ashes increases with every year. Virtsu harbour has a port for sailing yachts.

  • There are six quays for receiving ferries and cargo boats, and floating quays for smaller boats and yachts
  • Three quays are equipped with ramps.
  • The harbour can receive boats with maximum length of 120 meters and maximum draught of 6,5 meters.
  • Of goods we can load granular products and timber.
  • The passengers and yacht tourists have access to washing- and sauna facilities, cafés, shops, and communication services, etc.


  • Boarder guard
  • Customs
  • Fresh water
  • Electricity
  • Toilets
  • Shower
  • Sauna
  • Reception of bilge water and sewage
  • Smaller repair-works
  • Weather forecast
  • Catering 

Detailed information about the port service fees can be found on the pricelist page. More information about the history of Virtsu Harbour can be found here. Harbour maps and plans can be found here.


Name/Position/ Phone GSM E-mail

Valdur Häng
Harbour Master

+372 47 75160 +372 53 428555  valdur.hang[A]

Ilmar Piilmann

deputy of the harbour's manager

+372 47 75160 +372 50 56575 ilmar.piilmann[A]
port service +372 47 75019  +372 53 443945