Sviby Harbour history

Sviby Village was first mentioned nearly 700 years ago. In the beginning it was a fishing port. The connection with the mainland was kept through other harbours.

In the beginning of the 30s The Republic of Estonia started a program, the purpose of which was to give work to the unemployed and to build objects vital for living.

In 1933 Sviby Harbour was built. The harbour was connected with Haapsalu and later with Rohuküla Harbour. Because the conditions for navigating different kinds of boats were difficult, it was not possible to grant a regular connection.

In 1960s the works for making the harbour and the routes deeper started.
After the Second World War the Sviby Harbour belonged to the Port of Tallinn.

In the 1980s the new harbour quay was built and that gave an opportunity to establish a ferry boat connection with Vormsi Island.

In 1994 the administration of Sviby Harbour was assigned to RAS Saarte Liinid, formed by the Estonian Ministry of Transport and Communication. The communication by sea is organised by AS Saaremaa Laevakompanii.