Sviby Harbour - 58° 58,2´ N 23° 18,8´ E


Sviby Harbour’s principal task is to receive liners, but it is also the island’s cargo harbour. It is also possible for little boats and yachts to stop in Sviby.

  • There is a quay in the harbour for receiving boats and a floating quay for yachts.
  • The quay is equipped with a ramp.
  • The harbour can receive boats with maximum length of 50 meters and maximum draught of 3,2 metres.
  • The harbour can supply boats with electricity. Theres is no watersuply and washingrooms. 


  • Boarder guard on call
  • Customs on call
  • Electricity
  • Toilets
  • Reception of bilge water and sewage


Detailed information about the port service fees can be found on the pricelist page. More information about the history of Sviby Harbour can be found here. Harbour maps and plans can be found here.


Name/Position/E-mail Phone GSM Fax

Riho Sõrmus

Port Manager


+372 46 31649 +372 50 49301  

Andrus Maide
Harbour Master


   +372 50 43 888  
Port Services +372 47 29933  +53 012889