Port of Roomassaare 58°12,8´N 22°30,6´E




Roomassaare Harbour is situated near Kuressaare.

Roomassaare Harbour has three principal tasks:

  1. Cargo harbour
  2. Passenger harbour
  3. Yacht harbour

Cargo harbour is equipped with the necessary quays, cargo storage facilities, and lifting cranes for loading and unloading vessels.
For receiving passenger boats the harbour has the necessary facilities for organising frontier guard- and customs formalities.
Yacht harbour is separated from the main harbour, there are 60 places (floating quays) and further more approximately 100 places (stone quays).

Roomassaare Harbour offers all the basic services what a passenger could need.

Starting from the year 1998 Roomassaare Harbour has been named as environment friendly company and has yearly received a badge for it (Blue Flag).

In 2000 Roomassaare Harbour was elected the best Estonian small harbour.

Welcome to Roomassaare Harbour!







Name/ position/ e-mail GSM
Renno Tammleht
harbour's manager


+372 50 49935

Kaarel Niine
harbour's captain


+372 52 44942


dockers and 24h guard 



+372 53 451755


harbour for pleasure boats



+372 53 358313


Radio calling channel ULL 16 “Roomassaare Harbour”;

the channel for work is ULL 14.

Address: Roomassaare tee 12, 93815 Kuressaare