Ringsu Harbour history

Ruhnu lacked a place where boats could land. According to the winds they stopped in that side of the island where they could find shelter against wind. The only wooden quay was in Limo shore, but there too the bigger boats and steamers had to stand at anchors further away from the coast. The passengers and the cargo were brought to shore in rowing boats.

Ringsu cape probably had already the landing place in 1949 when the collective fishery “Ruhnu” was formed.
The biggest step in the life of Ruhnu Island was the building of the harbour. It started in 1958/59 the unfortunate part about this is that they used the material from their old stone fences.

On 15 April 1961, before the quay was ready, Ruhnu had to survive one big storm. Almost immediately after the harbour was finished in 1969 they had to survive another great storm. The damage was so big that the harbour is not even today fully reconstructed. The harbour had a place for receiving fish and a cold storage space. They had fishing boats and traps. In 1969, before the storm, they had the following things: 6 trawlers, 9 small trawlers, 10 rowing boats, 12 other boats, and traps.

Since 2000 the administration of Ringsu Harbour was assigned to AS Saarte Liinid.

For the season in 2001 the harbour got itself a small house with toilets, showers, and sauna for the visitors. In the same building you can register a small boat into the harbour.