Kuivastu harbour - 58° 34´ N 23° 24´ E


Kuivastu Harbour’s principal task is to receive and service liners, but there are also limited conditions for servicing cargo-, passenger-, and other smaller boats there. There are three quays for receiving ferries and one for cargo- and smaller boats.

  • Three quays are equipped with ramps.
  • One quay has a platform.
  • The passengers have access to shops, cafés, and communication services, etc.



  • Fresh water
  • Electricity
  • Toilets
  • Shower
  • Reception of bilge water and sewage
  • Smaller repair-works
  • Weather forecast
  • Catering


Detailed information about the port service fees can be found on the pricelist page. More information about the history of Kuivastu Harbour can be found here. Harbour maps and plans can be found here.


Name/Position/E-mail Phone GSM Fax

Valdur Häng
harbour master


+372 45 30 141 +372 53 428555  
port service +372 45 98425  +372 53 443946