Heltermaa Harbour - 58° 52,0´ N 23° 02,9´ E


Main function Heltermaa Harbour is to serve ferry boats operating on the Heltermaa - Rohuküla route.

Heltermaa Harbour is the border crossing point for international traffic and harbour is able provide services for cargo ships, yachts and other small crafts.


The port is able to process bulk cargo, forest products and general cargo (up to 5 t per unit).

For loading and unloading the port have mobile lifting equipments.


In the harbour four berths (longest one 118 m), three of them equipped with ramp, max depth 5,2 m (BK77).


Yacht harbour have two floating berths with 40 mooring spaces and on 50 m quay equipped with gas station.

The Hotel and Bar are situated in the main building.


    • Boarder guard, on call

    • Customs, on call

    • Supply of fresh water

    • Supply of electricity

    • Ship waste handling

    • Fuel for small crafts (Diesel and 95E)

    • Winter storage for yachts and small crafts

    • Small repair works

    • Toilets

    • Shower

    • Sauna

    • Cafe

    • Conference rooms 

    • Wifi

    • Accomdation


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Name/Position Phone Mobile e-mail

Riho Sõrmus

Port Manager

+372 46 31649 +372 50 49 301  riho.sormus[A]saarteliinid.ee

Andrus Maide
Harbour Master


+372 50 43 888




Port Services, 24H +372 46 94122    


Hotel services



 +372 56 20 2928




Radio communication: VHF Channel 9, calling signal HELTERMA HARBOUR