Heltermaa Harbour - 58° 52,0´ N 23° 02,9´ E


Heltermaa Harbour, administered by AS Saarte Liinid, principal task is to receive and service liners. In addition, there are conditions for receiving and servicing cargo- and passenger ships, the services on offer are quick and of high quality.

  • There are four quays for receiving vessels.
  • Three quays are equipped with ramps.
  • It is possible to process dry cargo (containers up to 5 tons), granular products (sand, splinters, fertilisers, coal), and timber.
  • The Hotel and Bistro/Bar are situated in the main building.


  • Boarder guard on call
  • Customs on call
  • Fresh water
  • Electricity
  • Toilets
  • Shower
  • Sauna
  • Reception of bilge water and sewage
  • Smaller repair-works
  • Weather forecast
  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Conference rooms 

Detailed information about the port service fees can be found on the pricelist page. More information about the history of Heltermaa Harbour can be found here. Harbour maps and plans can be found here.


Name/Position/E-mail Phone GSM Fax

Riho Sõrmus

Port Manager


+372 46 31649 +372 50 49301  

Andrus Maide
Harbour Master




+372 50 43 888

Port Services, 24H +372 46 94122    

Hotel services


   +372 56 20 2928  


Radio communication: VHF Channel 9, calling signal HELTERMA HARBOUR