Saarte Liinid is landlord type and its principal tasks are to administer the harbours and to ensure the cargo and/or passengers transportation. There are ten ferry-harbours: Kuivastu, Virtsu, Heltermaa, Rohuküla, Sviby, Sõru, Triigi, Kihnu, Munalaid, Manilaid and Abruka. The larger ones have conditions for receiving cargo ships. Roomassaare Harbour is the largest cargo port in Saaremaa, where there are also quays for passenger ferries/ships, (oil) tankers, fishing boats, and (sailing) yachts. Ringsu Harbour is capable of servicing boats which secure Ringsu inhabitants communication with the mainland. It is also possible for other smaller boats to visit Ruhnu Harbour


Harbours of Western Estonia

Harbours of Lake Peipsi

Harbours of Northern Estonia