Saarte Liinid Ltd

Roomassaare harbour

Saarte Liinid is active since 1 October 1994. Our main fields of activity include the maintenance and development of our harbors. First and foremost this means ensuring safe navigation for ferries between the mainland and the islands. 


Saarte Liinid headquarters, situated in Kuressaare, is responsible for the general management of the company. The headquarters also organises its economic activity and plans and oversees the construction works of its harbors. Saarte Liinid is a public limited company the shares of which belong to the Republic of Estonia 100%.
Saarte Liinid services passengers and vehicles and also handles different types of cargo flow through the ports it administers. Saarte Liinid is a landlord type of company and its principal tasks are to maintain and develop the Estonian regional ports and harbors to ensure the maritime connections needed for the modern short sea shipping.
We own and operate eighteen port and harbours: Kuivastu, Virtsu, Heltermaa, Rohuküla, Sviby, Sõru, Roomassaare, Triigi, Ringsu, Kihnu, Munalaid, Manilaid, Abruka, Naissaare, Papissaare and Vikati. The larger ports (Virtsu, Roomassaare, Heletrmaa, Rohuküla and Kuivastu) have conditions for servicing cargo ships. Roomassaare is the largest cargo port on Saaremaa island and Heltermaa is the largest cargo port on Hiiumaa island.  Besides having the quays for passenger ferries/ships, and cargo ships, Saarte Liinid is ready to serve all kinds of vessels including pilot ships, navy and border-guard vessels, fishing boats, motor and sailing yachts and smaller boats.