Estonian-Latvian Programme

ESTONIAN LATVIAN PROGRAMMEEstonian-Latvian Programme finances:

Baylink / Baltic Small Harbours Network during the period of 01.01.2010 – 30.12.2010, project total cost 1 857 080 EUR, including maximum financial support 1 360 805 EUR

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Baylink / Baltic Small Harbours Network

The small harbours of MÄ“rsrags in Latvia, Ringsu in Ruhnu, Estonia and Roomasaare in Saaremaa, Estonia carried out major technical improvements in their harbors in order to ensure small passenger ship connections between these harbours in future. Due to the relatively close locations, such passenger services are planned to be both time- and cost-efficient.

During the project, the harbors were deepened, quaysides were reconstructed and various other adjustments made following the needs of each harbor. In MÄ“rsrags, bridge has been reconstructed for larger passenger ships and yachts, floating quaysides installed, as well as parking place and access road built for the passengers. This has already enabled the harbor to start yacht tourism, which was not possible before. In Roomassaare rainwater system has been installed in addition to quayside reconstruction. Ringsu harbor has also been deepened and prepared to receive larger boats.

To promote the new opportunities for marine connections, partners have organized two large yacht races between Mersrags – Ringsu – Roomassaare harbours with few hundred participants from both countries.


  • Deepening in Ringsu harbour
  • Reconstruction of quayside in Roomassaare port